Sunrise Walk Memory Tree

Although going virtual with our Sunrise Walk series means we won’t have our memory tree this year to hang your stunning lanterns on, we want to give you and those who would have walked with you the chance to leave messages of celebration and dedication – here on our virtual Sunrise Walk memory tree. 

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Max Galleni

Love and miss you Max. Always in our thoughts and in Our hearts . 👄👄💗💕


Keep flying little angel

Elijah Alex-Oni

Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful! We miss you so much every day but so much more today. Thank you so much for coming into our lives for such a short time, we are so blessed to have met you, held you and to love you. We love and miss you so much and know that wherever you are you are around watching over us 'our little angel' keeping us strong just like you are. You'll always be in our hearts and minds, we love and miss you so much baby boy ❤️💕 love Mum, Dad,Ola, Gogo, Sekuru, Uncle Paul & Uncle xx

Thomas Andrew Garner

Always thoughtful about you this time of year as we mourn your sad passing. Always in our thoughts. Forever in our hearts.

Sonny Mathis

Wishing you were here with us. Love you so much our little angel xxx

Matthew Golder

A special boy. So sadly missed. Forever a pupil at our school. Shine bright Matthew xx


Love you to the moon and back xx


I love you to the moon and back xx


We miss you everyday Phoebe. You were and still are, so very loved. Xxxx


Always missed x

Logan James Peter Grant

Forever in our hearts 💙

Jack Richard Eric Burgess

It's almost a year since you sadly passed away, aged just 26 days. We didn't get much time to see you, hold you, and love you but we made a lasting memories and we think of you daily. Fly high little man xx


We can't believe that you are not longer here with blessed are we to call you our daughter , big sister and little sister.You were the best we could have.We miss your beautiful smile, your unique personality, your jokes, your baking and cooking , we miss all about you...Our home would never be the same without Bia.We love you and miss you, our Bia Bioca Love Mama, Papa, Pedro and Mateus

Gilda Knight

If only I knew then what I know now Love you Mum

Daniel Dunning

Our darling angel , we walked for you on your birthday. 7th of May would have been your 6th birthday. You are always in our thoughts. We miss you so much but trust we will meet again! #alwaysandforevernomatterwhat

Matthew Golder

Matthew, you are in our thoughts every day and always will be. You left us with so many wonderful memories..Miss you for ever.

Matthew James Golder

My darling boy, I miss you so much every day. I did the walks thinking of you, remembering and celebrating your life. Your fun, laughter, smile, generosity and kindness. I will always love you, to the moon and back, and will always miss you xxxx

Mum & Dad

Always remembered never forgotten

Elsie Violet Poole

We love & miss you darling. Poppy walked her hardest for you sweetheart. All our love forever & ever xxxxxxx

Matthew Golder

We will always remember your sunny smile and friendship. For a very special boy. x

May Bennett

Always in my heart x